In the compositions of Sinta Wullur atmosphere and structure stand central. The atmosphere varies from serene to charged, while the structure can run the gamut from narrative to abstract.
Often ideas for a composition arise from extra musical sources translated into a musical structure.

The compositions which she has been commissioned for by ensembles and soloists are categorised under chamber music, vocal, music theatre and gamelan. Deriving from her activities as a piano teacher and conductor of children's choirs she has written compositions for children and young people's musicals. In the past and more recently she has composed through commissions theatre-, film music and tunes. In contrast with her serious modern music these products often sound diverse, according to the context and the discipline involved.

Chamber Music/Vocal
Compositions for western instruments
have been written through commissions from ensembles and soloists. Intercultural components can be detected in almost all her compositions. In the compositions 'Catur', 'Loro Kidoel' and 'Suwali' clear influences from the gamelan can be found in the use of gamelan elements and structures. In the compositions 'Khayal' and 'Promenade' and 'Moods and Modes' the structure the Indian 'alap' is present.

In the vocal works for choir appear along with the multi layered structures of the gamelan also the previously mentioned percussion sounds, for example the Balinese 'kecak' in the Ramayana opera.

Due to her piano background and gamelan experience the compositions are richly endowed with piano and percussion parts.

Gamelan Instruments
In the compositions for traditional gamelan instruments one finds incorporated elements and principles
from western music. In the compositions 'Ganantara' and 'Kaleidoscoop' structures from outside the gamelan traditions are built in. In 'Ten Bulls' for song and Javanese gamelan and marimba, pitches from western instruments are added. In 'Kontjerto Tjampoer' the Javanese gamelan has become an accompanying orchestra for a saxophone concerto based on Indian music principles.

Many compositions for the chromatic gamelan of Multifoon have been written wherein the gamelan is combined with western instruments (string quartet, saxophone quartet, violin and bass clarinet). In these compositions a cross-fertilisation between gamelan and western music can be found in the rhythms, structures, modes and instrumentation.
The recent development on the chromatic gamelan is the cross-fertilisation between east and east, namely between Indian and gamelan music. Here the gamelan is combined with Indian instruments.

Theatrical Music
The pictorial and narrative elements in the music of Sinta Wullur are a blessing in the compositions for theatre: the gamelan opera, the young people's musicals and the theatre-/film music. The three musicals '', 'Ali B Baba and about Forty Thieves' and 'Tante Patent' for children's choir and soloists resulted from a collaboration with the director/librettist John Lust. The most recent is the composition for choir 'Rubber' based on the book of the same name by Madelon Székely Lulofs.

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