Ramayana opera


'Ramayana through Flashbacks' is a full length opera. The story of the Ramayana is experienced from the standpoint of the heroine Sita. Looking back she lets the events of the past arise in her mind's eye. This timeless and universal story has been worked out into a poetic English language libretto by Paul Goodman.

This opera has been performed as various works in progress in
2001 - Scenes from the Ramayana
2003 - The Golden Deer
2007 - Sita's Liberation

The instrumental forces used in this opera consist of the chromatic gamelan, marimba, percussion, string quartet and bass clarinet. The vocal forces consist of mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, soprano, bass and mixed choir.

The selections which can listened to from this list are from the performance of 'The Golden Deer' recorded by the Concertzender. Images were designed by Rob van de Poel


Narrator + koor audio sample
Jetayu lay dying audio sample
Koor audio sample
Rama + twinsons audio sample
Kekayi + Dasaratha audio sample
Sita solo audio sample
Sita + koor audio sample
Dasaratha's fate audio sample